Budget Narrative

Any amount of donation is welcomed.  $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or other.
Your support is very much appreciated. This public art experience will be magical and one to come see!

Amount Raised to Date

Per a sales agreement with the City of Valdez, PVC has committed $100,000 towards the project. Harris Sand & Gravel Co. has given an in-kind donation of approximately $30,000 for the sculpture “stones” and their labor. Culminating in a secured $130,000 in funding. We will conduct further fundraising to obtain the $71,800 from a collection of private donors. PVC, in conjunction with the selection committee, has also contributed in-kind many hours of planning, implementation, and support since the beginning of the revisioning of Meals Hill, over two years ago. The seven committee members volunteered their time to find, meet, and decide on the artists for the project resulting in approximately 16-30 hours of their time alone. These leaders, along with the City and members of the PVC, have contributed at least $15,000 of in-kind time, meeting-space donations, travel, food, and refreshments towards the planning and selecting of artists.

We request a closing grant of $150,000 from the Rasmuson Foundation to complete the fabrication and installation of “Valdez Rising”~ “Suacit” [The People From the Place That Rises Into View] at the gateway of the newly revitalized Meals Hill Trail. Your contribution will enable our town to celebrate not only the true and real Alaskan history of Valdez, but also the optimistic future of Valdez. As our young entrepreneurs explore new opportunities to collaborate and develop services for a community that historically was and is faced with challenges. We are excited about the possibility of partnering with the Rasmuson Foundation to complete this project that embodies the spirit of Alaska.

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